Faulkner House Books is located in the heart of New Orleans’ beautiful and historic French Quarter, just off Jackson Square, behind the Cabildo and opposite St. Louis Cathedral’s rear garden. Founded in 1988 by attorney Joseph J. DeSalvo Jr. and his wife Rosemary James, Faulkner House Books is a sanctuary for fine literature and rare editions, including, of course, books by and about Mr. Faulkner. Frequently featured in the national news media, Faulkner House Books has been described by both collectors and writers as America’s most charming book store.

For inquiries to buy or sell rare, signed, and out of print books please phone us on (504) 524-2940. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. I visited the store recently, a tourist from Maryland, and asked for a recommendation for a good read set in New Orleans. The woman working the desk that day (I think it was Feb. 17th) sold me a copy of The Missing, by Tim Gautreaux. Thanks! I loved it. What a nice story, with good writing, to boot! I will surely return for more when I get a chance to come back to New Orleans. A great store you have! Carolyn O’Neill

  2. Best place in New Orleans to chat about books and not just any books but rare and extraordinary works of art. The Manger, Peter, shared his time with us about the history and some of the stories behind the FHB.
    Best regards,
    Writer, Tennessee Gunns

  3. We were running around looking for this place. Hard to find but worth the search. You have to get out of the car and use the your phone gps and it is not on a road but an alley between buildings. It was small and cramped but the lady working there helped us find what we were looking for. If you want books on New Orleans or Louisiana, here’s your place.

    1. Your first mistake was being in a car ! the Quarter is very walkable. Driving is no fun in NOLA. I don’t live there but each time I go I walk the Quarter to see what has has changed, moved, etc. There is a plethora of hidden treasures if you are on foot. One of the best bookshops ever ! Glad you found it. Sorry you were driving. NOLA has many secrets that we miss if not on foot.

  4. Faulkner House is a great shop to buy at.. One book I bought there is Ellen Gilchrist’s THE ANNA PAPERS.

  5. Went here with my family back in June and i loved everything about it. The books were so neat and if i was a local i would’ve spent hours in there. I bought a Tennessee Williams book that i was wanting to find but i couldn’t find it anywhere but here. Thank you for a wonderful experience and i hope to come back there when i go to New Orleans again. Much love from Texas

  6. Daughter gave me the basic book subscription. With just a few questions re tastes, etc Faulkner House just nailed the books they picked out. It was scary how good of job they did picking them out. Outstanding!

  7. Visited yesterday for the first time and was very happy to see several classics I was missing out of my collections, and in nice editions as well. I picked up far too much! I saw many old friends all over the place; it’s a nice little place with a great mix of old and new on top of the all its history. The sweet lady working was lovely to talk to and happy to help me with my absolute pile of books. Delightful place, I’m sure I’ll be back.

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